Hit 2019 Running: The New Year’s Checklist for Developers

Whether or not you’re a person that gets excited about the prospect of New Year’s resolutions and new beginnings, you’ve got to admit there’s a positive energy in the air come January.

People are rested, happy, and ready to get down to planning their year. They’ve refocused professionally and personally, and this is often the best time to make your move for a new role or new project.

To get your house in order and give yourself the best chance of success, you should use this time to take stock and reassess where you currently are. Here is a quick checklist to help you ensure you get your 2019 off to the best possible start.

Share Your New Wisdom

Another year has passed and you’ll have learned a great deal. There are countless budding developers out there who could benefit from that new insight, so it’s a great idea to share it!

Dust off that old Medium profile and start to share your knowledge. You’ll be doing something positive for our profession while also helping others. Your willingness to share is also attractive to new employers and helps you to demonstrate your expertise to the wider community.

If you’re been thinking about sharing your knowledge for a while, there’s no better time to start than in the new year.

Catch Up On Your Industry

Yes, technical skills are what make your a developer… But your understanding of the industry you’re operating within and a view of the wider context make you an outstanding developer.

If you’ve been in the trenches all year and found it difficult to keep up with the latest news, this is a great time to do some research. Perhaps dig into some literature, find the latest news – a truly deep dive.

If you’re able to demonstrate an understanding of your industry and the context you’re working within, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you’re a really valuable asset.

Backup Important Data

Over the course of the year, even the most organized developers will find that their data becomes scattered across a range of places. Take some time out to ensure that your data is accessible, organized, and safe. This will help you to differentiate between the two years mentally and you’ll go forward into 2019 with a clear mind.

Polish Your Profiles

Chances are that you have a range of profiles and they’ll all be in different states. GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn… Take this chance to reassess the state of each and give them the polish that they need to shine.

If you’re looking for those new roles and opportunities in 2019, these profiles will be the first port of call for many technical recruiters and HR experts out there. Shameless plug: you could even consider taking this opportunity to create your a shiny new Code Pilot account. You can find out more about us here.

Pursue Your Idea

What great ideas did you have in 2018? They don’t have to be big or transformative ideas, but it’s a great idea to take some time to think back and collect them all together.

Create a little list and sort out the weak from the strong ideas. Then rank them according to the likeliness you can achieve them – this is a great way to focus your efforts throughout the year and give yourself some direction.

If you work on your own passion project, it’s a great way to learn new skills while demonstrating your abilities and enthusiasm to other developers and hiring parties.

Don’t Just Focus on Programming

Of course, you’ll have a roadmap of what you would like to learn in 2019. There’s always an endless stream of new things to learn, but you should also be sure to give yourself a break. Don’t overburden yourself with an endless range of tasks.

A good way to ensure that you don’t burn out is to put effort into other areas of your life. Setting out with this goal in mind at the beginning of the year can help you to really focus your learning and avoid stressing yourself out!

The entire team here at Code Pilot wishes you a happy and prosperous 2019! We look forward to tackling new challenges together and exploring new horizons with you.