Billion-Dollar Tech Expansions in 2019: How to Land a Role with a Tech Giant

2018 has been a wild ride for the US tech giants.

Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft have been battling it out to become the world’s most valuable company, engaging in a flurry of activity to grow their businesses even further.

Judging by recent news, this trend will extend into 2019 too: just this week, both Apple and Google announced ambitious billion-dollar expansions which will see the companies expand their presence across the nation.

Apple is planning to build a new 133-acre development in Austin, which will initially accommodate for 5,000 employees. With a rumored capacity of 15,000 this would make it the largest employer in our wonderful city of Austin.

For its part, Google is planning to build a stunning new office complex in New York City. This new space is estimated to double the number of Google employees in the city that never sleeps from around 7,000 to 14,000.

Silicon Valley is expanding, and this is exciting news for developers.

There will be more diverse opportunities with the tech giants than ever before. With many junior and senior developers alike itching to join the ranks of these companies, here are some tips on how to get a job at Google, Apple, and other tech giants.

Understand the team, not just the company

Most large tech companies are renowned for having strong cultures, cultivated by their large campuses and the intelligent and engaged people that they employ.

Aside from understanding the company mission, if you take time to learn the individual team ethos and operating style, you’ll set yourself aside from the crowd and have a huge advantage. This is because the hiring managers at these companies love to work with principled employees who see that the team value is just as important as individual value.

If you have your eyes set on Google, for example, you should spend time digging deeper into the context surrounding the company. Pretty much everyone in the world has an idea of the company, but you should really develop the deepest understanding possible by speaking with employees, doing your research, and exploring the key issues facing the company.

If you can demonstrate strong coding skills while also demonstrating an understanding of the practical and ethical challenges surrounding something like Google’s AMP initiative, for example, you’ll set yourself apart as a particularly valuable member of the team.

Make the most of meetups

There’s a lot to love about the tech community. There’s a sense of comradery, developers are willing to share their skills to grow open source projects, and skill sharing is a part of normal life.

Meetups have also emerged as an awesome way to meet like-minded professionals and have some fun. Austin and New York are buzzing with tech activity, so you’ll have no problems finding exciting meetup events that explore whatever development language or area you’re exploring.

They’re also an awesome way to do some informal networking. You’ll be sure to meet people who can give you the inside scoop about recruitment processes and company culture in certain locations. has emerged as the foremost option for events, and there are hundreds of options on there.

Develop & test your coding abilities

If you’re wondering how to get a job at Google and other companies, you want to ensure that your coding abilities are as sharp as possible: these companies are renowned for having tough interviews & high coding standards, so you’ll want to be at your best once you’ve secured an interview.

If you’re looking at these big players, you’ll most probably have very strong coding abilities already. This means you’ll have an established method for independent study, but it always helps to test yourself. You should try out example coding tasks and gauge your abilities through rigorous assessments, something that e-learning platforms are currently lacking.

Time for a little self-promotion: Code Pilot is a full-featured, cloud-based IDE running on a composable set of services giving each user a dedicated training and testing workspace, called a flight, similar to the environment they use every day at work. Ready to give yourself a challenge?

Amplify your online presence

These companies are looking to employ the best of the best, so it’s important that you put your best foot forward online. This means updating online profiles, organizing your GitHub contributions, and polishing your social media profiles.

You’ll probably have lots of siloed profiles between Bitbucket, SourceForge, GitLab, and more. You should integrate these into one source or portfolio that gives a full picture of your abilities and experience. 

These companies will be looking for team members who can demonstrate a sustained level of high-quality work over the years, as well as a proactive attitude toward new projects. Check out the Code Pilot portfolio.

Capitalize on the shift to AI-based recruitment

As you probably know yourself, the world of tech recruitment is in a pretty poor state. A host of issues mean that companies and candidates alike get inferior results, but these issues are quickly being solved by a shift to AI-based recruitment.

Our platform is at the forefront of this shift. It utilizes a live coding environment, data science, and a behavioral assessment to match prospective applicants with companies.

Each day new companies join our platform in order to find their next developer. It’s incredibly simple to create your profile and doesn’t cost you anything – if you’re looking to land a new role, you should be sure to check it out.