The Power of 11 Weeks: A Digital Marketing Internship

Just Start Somewhere

Ever since I can remember, I knew I was destined to work in some field of marketing or advertising. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset, first putting it into use in the fifth grade when I decided to start my own bottle cap necklace business.

I had no idea what marketing was in the fifth grade and that l was unknowingly practicing it.

I created flyers on Print Shop for my necklaces and passed them out to all my schoolmates and shared it across facebook. Ever since my elementary school necklace business, it has always been my goal to own my own business. In high school I took a couple marketing classes and joined a competitive business organization called DECA.

Side note, I temporarily convinced myself that I wanted to go into the medical field (thanks Grey’s Anatomy). However, that was short-lived. I soon found my way back to marketing and realized that was my calling.

Finding your Passion

Going into college, I was torn between whether I wanted to be a psychiatrist or marketer. I know you’re probably wondering how could I be torn between two very different fields, but I was. I volunteered every week for a mental health organization inside a hospital freshman year.

This is when I realized that the medical field was not my true passion or something I could envision myself doing everyday for the rest of my life.

I took a marketing class and several other business classes and found them really interesting. While I had received experience in the medical field and thought marketing was what I wanted to do, I didn’t have real world marketing experience. I looked for marketing internships after my sophomore year, and landed one in the Dallas area. I loved it, and looked forward to going to work each day.

I knew marketing was where I belonged.

Experience Matters

Marketing is a field that allows for so much flexibility, creativity, and always has the potential for growth and innovation. My favorite part of my summer internship was the digital marketing/social media aspect of it. So, I decided that for my next internship I should focus on finding one that was digital-marketing oriented.

Once my summer internship ended, I immediately began looking for a new internship in Austin for the fall semester. After all the stress of resumes, cover letters, countless applications, and interviews I landed a digital marketing internship with Code Pilot in downtown Austin.

Measure your Metrics

Code Pilot is a data science startup that streamlines the hiring process for technical talent. My role through this 11-week internship program was to manage Code Pilot’s social media channels and digital marketing efforts.

My main goal was to help grow and develop Code Pilot’s social media presence through several key outlets to the best of my abilities, and I truly believe I achieved that.

When I began working for Code Pilot in August, they had less than 100 followers on all their social media channels and only had a couple posts on each.

Now, Code Pilot has over 1,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, 600+ followers on LinkedIn, and these numbers continue to increase every day.

I’ve learned numerous social media marketing tools during my time at Code Pilot that will be incredibly useful throughout my career.

The Power of Digital Marketing

I’ve come to realize what an important and powerful tool social media is to any and every single company.

Social media marketing will continue to become even more essential for companies in order to not only grow their audience base, but also communicate with customers, optimize messaging, and grow their digital media presence.

Since social media is newer, many companies have not fully realized the importance. In the future I hope to help companies unlock the power behind social media marketing to yield the best results possible.

This is just the Beginning

While I am sad that my time at Code Pilot is coming to an end, I am grateful that it has further validated that marketing is what I truly want to do and what I see myself doing post-college.

I am thankful to have had Cara, a people operations enthusiast, Dave, an engineering veteran, and Caleb, a startup operator all guide and teach me over these past 11 weeks.

I now feel prepared to take on any internship that comes my way. I will be graduating next year, and in the meantime hope to find another marketing internship that will be just as valuable as Code Pilot.