How to Get a Job Using Data Science

Many companies struggle with tech recruitment and we know it’s becoming an issue for you to find the perfect job.

In fact, research from the Manpower Group shows that companies around the world find tech positions are the second-most difficult roles to fill. This is problematic and it means that talent shortages are now at their highest level since 2006. The talent is out there. You are out there.

It’s just that outdated recruitment practices make it difficult for recruiters to accurately and efficiently assess the abilities of candidates like you. This is why Stack Overflow recently discovered that the top source of job discovery for developers are referrals from friends, family, and former colleagues.

Thankfully, technology is transforming tech recruitment and bringing it up to speed. Platforms are emerging that focus on validating skills rather than bloated resumes. Time-consuming recruitment processes are being switched out for a proper focus on a candidate’s abilities. This is an exciting time for candidates like you – and it’s a time filled with opportunity.

How Data Science in Recruitment Helps You

A focus on new technologies – and data science – within tech recruitment is a big opportunity for tech candidates and brings a series of benefits with it:

A Meritocratic Approach

For too long developers were judged according to their resumes and performances in interviews. While it might be interesting to know what dinosaur a candidate would be, if that were even possible, or the daily global revenue of Starbucks, these elements (and responses) have totally eclipsed any analysis of talent or coding ability.

A focus on quantifiable data, on the other hand, can create a meritocratic recruitment process where your code does all of the talking.

A Lack of Unconscious Bias

It’s a difficult truth to swallow, but recruitment can often be affected by a range of biases: affinity, attribution, beauty, conformity, confirmation, contrast… These are just some of the unconscious biases that affect the recruitment process each day.

An analytical approach eliminates the presence and effect of these biases so that you get the fairest chance possible.

The Best Placement

Behavioral frameworks can create a deep understanding of how organizations and individuals operate and then create the best pairings. The human element does not disappear, but rather tech recruitment can lean on data to understand how companies and individuals will work together.

Now that we understand what candidates stand to gain, let’s take a look at how you can leverage data science to secure your next role.

How You Can Prepare for Recruitment Driven by Data Science

There are a range of techniques that tech candidates like you should use to stand out in a recruitment industry driven by data science.

Shed Old Ideas

Tech candidates like yourself have been led to believe that to achieve success they need to craft a resume that condenses a lifetime of experience onto a single page, write a cover letter that will inspire tears in the eyes of its reader, and develop a winning smile that will put Tom Cruise to shame.

This has led to a misalignment of priorities in some cases and developers should not be afraid to focus on what really matters: their code and abilities. This means that you will be able to focus on coding above all else. A dynamic, live portfolio that has been validated is the best way to cut through hundreds of other candidates. 

Harmonize Siloed Technology Platforms

As a developer you will have worked on a range of projects and this might mean you have more code repository accounts than you know what do with. Bitbucket, SourceForge, GitLab… You need to focus on integrating these profiles to create an amazing portfolio. Hiring managers want to see your open source contributions. 

Validate Skills

Your potential employers will want to understand your preferences, behavior, experience, desired role, and the responsibilities that you will want to assume. And much more. Finding a way to attractively collate and present this information can help you to jump the line and get the best development gigs for you.

Code Pilot allows you to do all of this and find your dream job using data science. Building your portfolio is a simple process and exposes you to the forward-looking companies that put technical abilities above interview skills.

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