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AI in Recruitment: Friend or Foe?

An amplification of our shared human intelligence, AI is changing the world around us and helping our civilization to flourish in new ways. But it isn’t without risk. Used improperly, AI can become a wildly destructive force. Take the use of AI in recruitment: used unthinkingly it can reinforce the bias it was built to …

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Quick Guide: Internships

The Search This fall, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to intern with Code Pilot in downtown Austin. I’m even more lucky that this internship is allowing me to pursue, explore, and learn more about exactly what I want to do, digital marketing. Finding this internship was not easy, but now I …

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In Your Senior Year of College? Here’s When You Should Begin Applying for Jobs

After three years of exams, projects, and sleepless nights, entering your senior year at college can feel bittersweet. On the one hand you’re well on your way to earning your degree but on the other it’s a tough year that you have ahead and you’ll probably miss certain aspects of college life after you graduate. …

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How to Get a Job Using Data Science

Many companies struggle with tech recruitment and we know it’s becoming an issue for you to find the perfect job. In fact, research from the Manpower Group shows that companies around the world find tech positions are the second-most difficult roles to fill. This is problematic and it means that talent shortages are now at …

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The Reign of the Resume is Coming to an End

As the sun sets on this relic, we step into a brave new world where the technical hiring process is improved for hiring manager and candidates. The end of the resume means that: candidate profiles are no longer restricted to a static snapshot, great candidates don’t fall through the cracks left by keyword searches, the …

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Code Pilot Manifesto

Hiring Science A boring bit about me, my name is Scott Fletcher, and I am one of the founders of Code Pilot. I am fundamentally a systems and a problems person. Systems that give the desired outcome with a minimum of fuss. I enjoy systems that are streamlined and make sense. I really enjoy solving …

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Why you should expect more from your recruiter.

Chances are you’ve been emailed by a recruiter at least once in the past year. You know the message I’m talking about. It usually starts with “apologies for the unsolicited message” followed with a quick synopsis of your experience and education from your social media profile and a job description. You might respond if the …

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