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One Big Thing E-Learning Platforms For Devs Are Missing? Measuring Actual Comprehension.

Each year, thousands of prospective developers take their first steps into the world of development. Equipped with a laptop and buckets of enthusiasm, they spend countless hours learning and honing their craft. But measuring & verifying their skill development is a real challenge. A host of amazing e-learning platforms have emerged in recent years such …

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Reflecting On Lessons from #MoveTheDial’s Global Summit

MoveTheDial is a movement which is dedicated to increasing the participation and advancement of women in technology. Founded by Jodi Kovitz in January last year, the movement recently hosted its first Global Summit in Kovitz’s native Toronto. By all accounts the Global Summit was a great success and was attended by over 800 executives and …

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The Power of 11 Weeks: A Digital Marketing Internship

Just Start Somewhere Ever since I can remember, I knew I was destined to work in some field of marketing or advertising. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset, first putting it into use in the fifth grade when I decided to start my own bottle cap necklace business. I had no idea what marketing was …

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Together We Can Do So Much: How Developers Benefit from the Open Source Model

Each day millions of developers contribute their time, abilities, and billions of lines of code to enhance countless open-source projects. On Github alone over 31 million developers contribute to the growth of over 96 million repositories. Amazingly, one third of all those repositories were created in the last year alone. Why are more developers than …

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Why do we pay Technical Recruiters?

As a person with a hand in the tech world – whether on the hiring or working side – you’ll know firsthand that tech recruitment is a terribly complex field. Tech recruiters are undoubtedly driven and talented people who apply a variety of skills each day in an attempt to achieve the best result for …

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How To: Hire Your First Software Engineer

Medium, Airbnb, Quora, Slack, Buffer, Snapchat… These startup success stories were able to be written thanks to hiring choices made in the early days of those companies. Without the appropriate technical talent to execute on a nascent startup idea, very few startups are able to get off the ground. Finding your initial engineer can be …

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AI in Recruitment: Friend or Foe?

An amplification of our shared human intelligence, AI is changing the world around us and helping our civilization to flourish in new ways. But it isn’t without risk. Used improperly, AI can become a wildly destructive force. Take the use of AI in recruitment: used unthinkingly it can reinforce the bias it was built to …

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Quick Guide: Internships

The Search This fall, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to intern with Code Pilot in downtown Austin. I’m even more lucky that this internship is allowing me to pursue, explore, and learn more about exactly what I want to do, digital marketing. Finding this internship was not easy, but now I …

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